Become an Affiliate

If you are looking to make some passive income from your online presence or you have an engaged audience on your blog or website, you can start monetizing it today by sharing MyPreview LLC products.

How does your affiliate programs work?

For every customer, you refer to us that makes any purchase from our website, you will be paid a 20% commission.
It’s that simple – add your custom links to your blog or website (or social media, or email newsletter, or youtube channel, or… the possibilities are endless!), and we’ll take care of the rest! 

You deserve to be paid for all your hard work online :)

What activities are tracked by the affiliate system?

All visits driven from the affiliate will be automatically tracked. At the time of a purchase driven by an affiliate, earnings will automatically be split between us as the seller and you as an affiliate.

Will I be able to track my own performance?

Of course, all affiliates are given access to a Paddle dashboard.
By clicking on Analytics on any given offer, you’re able to graph the visits, conversions, email sign-ups, downloads and more you have driven for that particular campaign or product.

With each sale the affiliate drives they accrue a Paddle balance this balance is paid out in line with Paddle’s standard payout schedule.

How are my affiliates paid?

In short - Paddle will take care of all payouts for your affiliates.
All affiliates are given a Paddle account/dashboard during their setup process. From there your performance and earnings are tracked. With each sale/conversion you drive, your % of the earnings are added to your Paddle account balance. 

This balance is paid out in line with a standard payout schedule via PayPal or Bank/Wire Transfer.
In your Paddle dashboard you can visit, Transfers > Transfer Preferences to input your payout details.

How can I become an affiliate marketer on your website?

Our website uses to power and manage our affiliate program. Click here or fill the form below to create a Paddle account and join our affiliate program now.

Don't hesitate to contact us at support@ email address if you still have any other questions.
Looking forward to working with you!