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Really love the template. Clean & simple. Easy to use. I got a little issue with my blog image & Pasquale manage to solved my problem. Thank you.

Mie D. Lind - Clinical social worker

I buy a lot of WP themes and I’ve learned a ton about diving it because typically theme authors aren’t a lot of help once they’ve made the sale but Siuy was amazing.

Esther Sukhorukova - Speech writer

Very easy to install! You just have to add the components you like and you'll have to create the jumbotron with the settings provided but it is not difficult to use at all!

Cornelia Holten - Geotechnical engineer

Boundless homepage
& header styles

Image intro

Image jumbotron & bold statement.

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Video intro

Video parallax & Youtube support.

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Browser compatibility






Why is it so special?
core features

Help & Support

Support is our primary focus; we understand that you are not a developer & we aim to deliver answers & solutions to your questions as quickly & efficiently as possible.

Superior performance

All required assets are loaded asynchronously & on demand, meaning they are packed in parallel if & only your site needs. This leads to superior performance & is great for SEO.

Extensive documentation

Our well-written & comprehensive documentation will give you an overview of the theme's main features & how they can be customized to suit your requirements.

Responsive by design

Get mobile friendly; Siuy theme is fully responsive out of the box, no need to create anything separate for your user’s mobile experience.

Cool features you get 
with Siuy Plus


Layout alignment

Easily swap the content area & the sidebar layout from left to right or vice versa.


Header search field

Displays search form in site navigation that makes users search the site quickly.


Copyright credit

Optionally remove the Siuy credit & add your own custom copyright message, including HTML.



Indicate a big box for calling extra attention to some particular content or information & put nearly any valid HTML.


Automatic updates

You can update the plugin automatically via the WordPress admin panel providing you have activated a valid license key.


Homepage control

Toggle the visibility & reorder the homepage components or any function hooked by Siuy theme or Siuy Plus plugin.


Translation ready

Both plugin and theme are translation-ready and localized using the GNU framework. 


Fluid post & page template

Create a fluid template which spans from right to left takes most of the screen's width.


WPML compatible

Siuy theme is fully compatible and tested with most popular WordPress plugin that supports the creation of multilingual layouts.

Aside post format

For brief snippets of text that aren’t entirely whole blog posts, such as quick thoughts and anecdotes. Similar to a Facebook note update.


Image post format

A single image. The first <img/> tag in the post content or uploaded featured image will be considered as an image post format.

Video post format

A single video or video playlist. The first <video/> tag or embed in the post content will be considered as a video post format. 

Quote post format

A quotation. The theme would add blockquote tag to the quote content automatically if the user didn't add it.


Gallery post format

A gallery of images. Post will likely contain a gallery shortcode and will have image attachments.


Audio post format

An audio file of your tunes or podcasts. The first <audio/> tag or embed in the post content will be considered as a video post format. 

Link post format

For those days when you just want to share a link to a fantastic article you read which creates a post that links to external resources right from the title.


Status post format

A quick update on what you are doing right now most likely to a Twitter status update because updates are no longer reserved for social networks.

Chat post format

To highlight an interesting conversation or a chat transcript you have with friends, both on- and offline.


Color scheme

You can use this option to choose a color, view color suggestions, refine with the color picker, & apply background color changes.


Header media

Supports both the header image & video which gives you an option of uploading your own MP4 video, or linking to one hosted on YouTube.


Homepage components

The components repeater field allows you to create a set of sub-components which can be repeated while editing content! You can reorder the components via drag and drop.


Footer bar

A full-width widgetized region which will display any widget added to this region above the Siuy footer widget area.

Social network menu

Navigation social media links to services like Twitter & Facebook, allowing visitors to access your social profiles quickly.

Instagram feed

Siuy uses the Instagram Developer API in conjunction with the instafeedjs JavaScript plugin to show a feed of your recent activity on Instagram.

Not sure yet?! Try the Free version

The free version of the Siuy theme gives you the perfect opportunity to try out the theme and design to see if it is the right choice for you before upgrading to the paid version.

Get from

and answers

Feel free to contact us if you still have any pre-sale questions.

Is this a plugin or theme?

Siuy Plus is a WordPress plugin that extends the Siuy theme.

How do I install and use the plugin?

Simply follow the steps under Installation and First Steps provided in the theme documentation.

Are your plugins a one time fee, or a monthly subscription?

Currently, our products are a one time purchase.

How do I download the files after purchase?

Once your payment is complete, you’ll receive an order confirmation email with download link. This usually happens within minutes.

How do I get support for my purchase?

We provide lifetime unlimited theme & plugin support to all our customers and users. There is no additional cost.

Will my website break if I don't renew my license?

Your website will remain intact even if you choose not to purchase a license for another year. You just won't get updates any longer.

Will I receive future theme or plugin updates?

You can update our paid plugins automatically via the admin panel providing you have activated a valid license key.

What payment methods do you accept?

All payments are handled through our authorized retailer, and we accept all major credit cards, debit cards, Apple Pay, and PayPal.​

100% validated by

All versions, files, & folders of Siuy theme analyzed by which is a site that provides a validation service for WordPress themes with running tests to verify security and code quality.

Multilingual ready & WPML compatible

Siuy theme provides multilanguage support out of the box, & it is entirely compatible with most popular WordPress plugin (WPML) that supports the creation of multilingual layouts & pages.

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